Q1. Do I want 3/4 “ or  1.5” white edge borders?

If you plan to either frame your piece, or plan to hang it in a high traffic area, where depth is a concern, we recommend a 3/4 “ border. If you choose a 1.5” border, the  piece is perfect without any framing. 

Later, if you wish to frame there are many beautiful deep frames available that will accommodate this 1.5” depth canvas.

Q2. What is a mirrored border?

Stretched Reflection-Mirrored Edge Premium Canvas:   This stretched mirrored canvas will arrive ready to hang with mirrored borders.A mirrored edge or mirrored border for a canvas print means that part of the original paintings image that is closest to the edges, will cover the sides of the canvas; almost a reflective illusion.   This enables the print to appear more like an original piece of artwork. 

What is loose canvas?

Loose Premium Canvas with 3/4" or 2.5" white edge border

Loose canvas will be shipped rolled, and ready for you to take to your local framing source to be stretched for a gallery wrap, to hang as a finished piece, or to get framed.